Our Services

Individual Speech-Language Therapy

Individual speech-language treatments are 45 minutes in length.  This includes 40 minutes of direct treatment with a certified speech-language pathologist, and 5 minutes of consultation with the parent or guardian. The intensity of service is determined by the clinician and family.  Many children participate in 1-2 individual speech-language therapy sessions per week.  Clinicians use a variety of treatment methods as deemed appropriate for each individual child.  Some of these treatment methods include, but are not limited to, verbal behavior therapy, floortime, Kaufman praxis treatment, visual cuing, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and Social Thinking as developed by Michelle Garcia Winner.

Clinic Based Social Language Groups

Social language groups offer children on the autism spectrum an opportunity to improve pragmatic language skills in a therapeutic environment.  These groups consist of 3-4 children similar in age and functioning level.  Groups are run by a certified speech-language pathologist and often incorporate social thinking strategies as developed by Michelle Garcia Winner.  Social language groups typically meet for 60 minutes, 1 time per week.

Community Based Social Language Groups

Community based social language groups are offered at sites in the Aurora and Naperville areas.  These groups are similar to our clinic-based groups, but incorporate typical peers within the community.  Some locations that have previously supported our groups include: Airtastic Playland in Aurora, Phillips Park Zoo in Aurora, and Country Lakes Park in Naperville.  Community based groups are currently offerred only during the summer months.

Individual Occupational Therapy

Individual occupational therapy services are 45 minutes in length.  This includes 40 minutes of direct treatment, and 5 minutes of consultation with the parent or guardian.  Services are provided by a certified occupational therapist, and include treatment in the areas of fine motor skills, self-help skills, and sensory processing.


Speech-language and occupational therapy assessments are available to determine the presence of a disorder.  A variety of standardized and clinical assessments are utilized to evaluate your child.  Once these measures are interpreted, specific data is provided describing your child’s performance and skills.  If deficits are identified, recommendations and a treatment plan are developed specific to your child’s needs.

Consultation and Advocacy Services

CTS staff offer continued consultation and advocacy services to existing clients and their families.  This often includes support in navigating school-based services, and support during the IEP process.  Additionally, CTS staff can consult with other private providers to develop a smooth and consistent treatment plan across settings.